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*This post was sponsored by Yes to.  All opinions are my own.

Hiya guys.  Long time, huh!?  I know, I know.  Moving is not as fun as everyone says it is.  Oh wait, no one says that.

In between our unpacking and setting up the new abode – I wanted to share how much I LOVE the soaking tub in my new casa.  For myself and for my boys.  I tell ya, the first thing they ran to when they met the new house was the tub.  That was numero uno on their list of wants was a biiiiig gigundo tub.  Our place in PA was not the largest nor the newest and did NOT have a tub to wash away stress after a long day.

So how appropriate is it that Yes to – one of my absolute favorite all natural brands wanted me to help spread the word that they started making bath wash in addition to all of the other cool products they make!   Of course I agreed to that!  I love their other products and I sooo wanted to try the body wash. Check out their website for all the other great products they make.


AND get this – Yes to is offering Latte and Legos readers an exclusive discount code when ordering from their website.

Everyone should be able to enjoy a steamy shower, and Yes to wants you to know they have created a special coupon just for you!

Visit the Yes to Body Wash page and pick two body washes you want to use in order to steam up your shower routine or bath your little ones with.

Then enter the code Y2LINQ for your savings of buy one, get one 50% off.

This code is exclusive and only available through my partnership with Yes to.



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This post was sponsored by Linqia and all OXO products pictured were provided to me to review at no cost to me.  As always all thoughts and opinions are completely my own.

Let’s chat about OXO for a sec.  In part because they were super kind to let me (and my sister) try some of their newest line of products called OXO Tot, but also because as you all know by now, I LOVE OXO.  I seriously have all of their kitchen utensils and just recently acquired by way of good ol’ Saint Nick,  the newest stay fresh longer OXO Pop Containers. {see my mini squeal about them HERE}

So you see, already a fan.  So when I heard they were soon to come out with the launch of OXO Tot I had to see for myself all the kiddo goodness they were creating for us mammas.  AND of course share the news with you all!

I tested out a few products that met my needs with my kiddos, including the OXO Tot Flippy Snack Cup and formula container.  Yea, I know, I don’t have babies, BUT I used the OXO formula container as extra storage for Cheerios and animal crackers!  One can never have too many snacks for the kids when running errands.  It’s the ideal on-the-go traveling companion to have for a fussy toddler, or, in some cases, big kid!

OXO tot Flippy

Here is some information from OXO about the OXO Tot Flippy™.

The OXO Tot Flippy™ Snack Cup with Travel Cover is great for munching at home or on the go. The soft, flexible opening gives little hands easy access to goodies, while the flaps keep even small snacks off the floor. The twist-on lid stays secure when the Cup is dropped (or thrown!), and the shape of the non-slip handle is just right for tots. The Cup comes with a snap-on cover to keep snacks fresh and secure.

- Soft, comfortable flaps provide easy access to snacks
- Flaps keep snacks in the Cup and off the floor
- Twist-on lid won’t pop off, even when Cup is dropped
- Travel cover snaps on to keep snacks contained while on the go
- Non-slip handle conveniently hooks onto strollers and is easy for little hands to hold
- Capacity is 8-ounces


My sister just had a baby so I gave her some of the newest baby items to test out including the OXO Baby Blocks™.  She and I are both very into health and wellness. So we naturally love the idea of making great creations in batches and freezing them.  I did that with my boys and she is doing the same.  The OXO Baby Blocks™ are perfect for the task of freezing batches of baby food.

Here is information from OXO on the OXO Baby Blocks™.

Easily portion, store, freeze, heat, and serve the meals you’ve cooked especially for your baby using Containers in convenient two-ounce sizes. Each container fits into the freezing tray, and has measurement markings to make portioning a snap. On the go? The containers are airtight, watertight and leakproof.

- Six 2-ounce Containers in tray
- Portion, store, freeze, heat and serve baby food with ease
- Ideal for storing large batches of pureed foods, and serving baby on the go
- Airtight, watertight, leakproof seal prevents messes
- Measurement markings indicate portion sizes
- Convenient storage tray rests flat on a freezer shelf or in a freezer drawer and can be stacked to save space
- BPA, phthalate and PVC free
- Microwave and freezer safe

We gave the roll up a bib and travel spoon a test drive as well with my sister’s oldest.

The great part about it is that you can just roll the bib up with the spoon in it when your through and throw it in your diaper bag!

 Excited by the sneak peek of some of OXOtot’s newest tot products and items that will soon be on sale? Go to the OXO tot Facebook page, and ‘like’ OXO for the latest product information and helpful tot tricks. Enter your email on the giveaway page and you will be entered to win the tots travel prize pack of items featured in this campaign (valued over $70). By entering the giveaway, you are signing up to receive helpful parenting tips and the latest product information.”

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Ever want a Cheesesteak, and think, you wish it were healthier?  Then you have come to the right recipe!

Awesomely, Philly Cow Share selected me to try out some of their meats as a way of having a taste test for their grass-fed beef.  I’ve had many different cuts of grass-fed and organic cuts of beef from different places.  The meat we got from Philly cow share was fantastic!

We were able to try their Sirloin, ground beef, beef snack sticks and chipped steak.

Here is what I used:

Grilled Zucchini Philly Cheesesteak

Whatcha Need:

2 lbs Philly Cow Share Chipped Steak

1 Large Zucchini

~6-8 slices of Cheddar Cheese

1/4 cup onion

1/2 cup green bell pepper

1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

salt and pepper to taste

Start by cutting the zucchini in half lengthwise and scrapping out the inside leaving about 1/4 inch thick wall to house the yummy cheesesteak filling.

Chop the insides you just cut out into bite size pieces.

Combine the zucchini pieces / chipped steak / Worcestershire shire sauce / onion and pepper all in a pan on medium until the beef is cooked.  Took about 10-15 minutes since the beef is so thin and the zucchini was so small.

Line zucchini with long pieces of cheese on bottom and put Philly Cheesesteak filling on top.  Add more cheese on top if desired covering the filling.

Grill for about 10-15 minutes or until the zucchini boat (outside part) is tender and not crunchy.

Annnnnd that’s it!! Super easy and a MUCH healthier way to eat Philly cheesesteak –  grass-fed beef and no bread!!

 You can purchase as little as an 1/8 cow at Philly cow share find out more info on that.  >>HERE

Also the more you buy the more you save.  Organize a group purchase with your friends, share the bounty from a cow and save money. It costs us less to deliver a cow to one address instead of many addresses and we benefit from the extra work you do organizing your group. We’re delighted to pass the savings back to you.

A bit more about Philly Cow Share and how it works >> HERE


Disclosure: I was given a few cuts of meat to comprise a recipe and review the meat from Philly Cow Share.  As always all thoughts and opinions are my own.  

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How to make homemade lemonade

Hi!  Welcome to Latte and Legos!  You are here because you are looking to make homemade lemonade right?  Well, not only is there a recipe for that, but keep reading and you’ll find the Ultimate Lemonade!  I modern twist on the already delicious all time favorite summer drink.

hoe to make homemade lemonade

Let’s get down to business!  I know you have all seen recipes for lemonade.  There are so many different ways to make homemade lemonade.  Using all kinds of methods.  I love trying new versions of making lemonade.  I finally tried a variation and made it my own.  Of course I’d share it with all of you!

This version, can be made with or without the cucumber basil addition.  But, if you want the ultimate experience  in lemonade drinking, you MUST add the cucumber basil.  Here guys, you will find the BEST way to make homemade lemonade!!  This can be adapted to make more or less.

Homemade Lemonade

The star players:

10-12 lemons

2 cups water

2 cups sugar

Make the lemonade syrup first.

Juice the lemons.  Boil the water and sugar mixture.  Once the sugar water mix boils, remove from stove and let cool.

Lemon juice should equal about 2 1/4 cups.  Add the lemon juice to cooled sugar syrup.  This is your lemonade base.;

To Make Homemade Lemonade

Add ice to a glass.  Use a ratio of 3/4 water to 1/4 lemon syrup.  This is your basic lemonade.

NOW comes the fun part.  There are a couple ways to do this.

Cucumber basil addition

Star players:

Did you guess….

about a half english cucumber  (kind with no seeds)

about 10-12 larger basil leaves


Put cucumbers and basil in a bowl with about 1/4-1/2 cup gin. Let soak overnight.


Just puree the cucumber and basil mixture with about 1/4 cup water.  It should look like this when done.

You can decide…I tried both ways, and both are equally good.  Whatever suits your fancy here guys.

Add about 1 1/2 tsp cucumber basil to a glass of already made lemonade, stir, enjoy.

Or for a slightly different option, add the already made lemonade to a blender with 1 1/2 tsp cucumber basil  mixture and create the ultimate in homemade lemonade…

Cucumber Basil Lemonade Slushy

I opted for a non slushy this time around.




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Hi there blog hoppers!  If you are stopping by from the Progressively perfect dinner party — Welcome!  When all of the participating bloggers started chatting about out virtual dinner – I immediately wanted to do an after dinner coffee drink. I LOVE, one, love, did I mention love, a yummy latte.  Not a surprise.  Amiright?

Going along with the theme for *tonights* virtual dinner—Hot and Cold—Jeff and I decided {since he really the braun behind most latte’s} to make a Spiced Vanilla Chai Latte – infused with a bit of orange and cayenne pepper for just the right amount of kick!  This is sure to impress your guests after a wonderfully made dinner!

For your after dinner coffee I present:

:Spiced Vanilla Chai Latte:    :Makes 6 {12oz} cups:

The Team Players

1 c. Water

2 Black Tea Bags

1 Cinnamon Stick

Dash {!~1/4 tsp}  Cardamom/Nutmeg/Ginger

1 tsp cinnamon

Pinch Cayenne Pepper

1 tsp Vanilla syrup

2 tbsp Honey

1/4 c. Raw Cane Sugar

1 Orange

18 oz.{~ 2 c.} brewed espresso

3 c. Milk

Combine: Water | Tea | Cinnamon Stick 

In a saucepan, bring to boil.  As soon as it starts to boil remove from heat.  Take tea bags and cinnamon stick out.


Add: Honey | Sugar | All Spices | Vanilla Syrup 

{see recipe for homemade vanilla syrup HERE}

Bring tea mixture back to boil.  Remove after sugar dissolves.

This is your Vanilla Chai Latte Chai-Concentrate.

Cut Orange into quarters.  Squeeze half of a quarter into each coffee mug.  Add about 2-3 oz Vanilla Chai Concentrate to each mug.

Brew extra strong coffee.  This can be done either by auto-pod coffee makers like Kuerig, or an espresso maker.  Just be sure you are not brewing regular coffee.

Froth milk.  This can be done easily for a large group by heating milk on the stove and using a hand blender.  DO NOT ALLOW MILK TO BOIL – boiling the milk will ruin it and create a slimy film…yuck!  You can also use a milk frother.

Add 6-8 oz frothed milk to each mug.  Enough to fill mug to the top.

Garnish with orange peel.  Wanna know a secret?  We literally peeled almost an entire orange trying to get the perfect looking orange garnish.  I am not going to pretend I can make super pretty garnishes.  Nope.  I can say I try – for presentation purposes.  It was funny between the 2 of us trying to see who can make the prettiest orange peel garnish!

If  you want you can omit the garnish.  I do not think anyone would really care ;-)

See my post on Coffee Chop Jargon HERE, if your interested in the difference between a

latte | cappuccino | macchiato | cafe americano | coffee.

You can join the dinner party by hopping through the rest of the posts.

All around a complete super satisfying, virtual dinner if I do say so.

  To get the full Progressively Perfect Virtual Dinner Party blog hop experience, click the links below in order:





Coffee, Tea & Dessert

Late Night

Decorations, Outfits and Music

Hope you have as much fun reading through the party as we did planning it!

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{Shirt – Thrifted, Shorts- Express, Broach – Vintage, Necklace – Thrifted, Shoes – Kohls/Jennifer Lopez}
This my friends is a little quick hello!  It’s what happens when I pack way too much into a week without the kiddos!
I was invited to the Philly Fashion Expo Launch party last night – and what ya see is what i wore!  I took a shirt that was a little to wide for me and pinned it back with a vintage broach to make it more slim and flattering to my figure.  I LOVE how it turned out!
 Here is a pic I snapped after our Cirque show last night next the the Walt Whitman Bridge  - LOVE the Philly Skyline at night :)
Alrighty – that’s it for me catch ya next week!!  Have a fantastic weekend!!

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Hiya guys!!

Our staycation is going sooo lovely!  We are keeping soo busy – actually a little too busy at times.  But, oh my gosh it has been so fun.


Thought I’d pop on the ol’ computer and give a quick sneak peek into what we’ve been up to since we handed the kiddos AKA legos as we are referring to them on FB, off with the grandparents.  We have been getting all kinds of cute photos from Jeff’s parents (who have them first – next week it’s off to my parents) – I know you know by now that we are high school sweethearts – our parents live 15 minutes from each other.  Annnnd if your a newbie to my blog – check out this post about 101 staycation ideas – you’ll feel right at home on Latte and Legos – like we know each other IRL – Cause I am planning on having a huge party once I get big and famous, and of course you are all invited.

Right, so about the staycation.

We went river tubing, was soooo much fun.  Started, and I emphasize that since we are no where near done, tearing apart the boys’ rooms.  Started painting doors.  6 years of grimy hands makes for some pretty gross looking doors.  Took on projects.  Used chalkboard paint for the first time ever.  Project post will make its debut at some point!  Took a trip to Ikea, spent way too much money.

Enjoyed each others company at Seasons 52 for our 8th wedding anniversary.  Did you know you get a free glass of champaign and a complimentary photo of you and your loverboy at Seasons?  Pretty awesome if you ask me!


Sat in the audience to be a part of the first ever David’s Food Court with  Classy MommyMommies with StyleThe Vintage MomBehind the Lens MomLook What Mom Found.

{Wearing: Dress – Artifact, Belt – Zara, Shoes – Steve Madden, Earrings – F21} Partner in crime – Lauren from Vintage Mom


Jeggings – before the were officially called jeggings, were QVC’s best seller!!

Such a good sport tagging along with all of us social media hungry bloggers.


Melinda and I testing out the kitchen!


Tonight.  Heading to the Philly Fashion Expo launch party, and then straight to a Cirque Du Soleil {Totem} show!

Night all!

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{Shirt – Anthropologie, Pants – Target, Shoes – Jessica Simpson, Purse – Target, Watch – Francescas, Initial Bracelet – c/o QVC Steel by Design Pavé Heart Initial Rolo Bracelet, faux leather bracelet – Send the Trend

My little sister just recently had her new baby girl, Ivy Noelle. But before she did I went down to visit her and spend some quality time with her and mi madre. It was so great just us girls. We don’t really get the opportunity, being so apart from each other to hang out just the girls.

My sister lives near Fredericksburg, which is like the cutest little historical town. So many structural details, and rough brick and stone buildings. I could have stayed an entire day just snapping photos of the town! We ate at this tiny little specialty sandwich shop. The options they had, oh my gosh, were incredible.

We spent the afternoon trying to walk baby Ivy out – since my sister was already 4 days overdue! My sister was a sport and took my outfit photos for the day. After she was done – she commented on my QVC Steel by Design Bracelet, I knew she would like it. She loves those kinds of things. And so do I. I don’t have girls – so I wear my own initial. I contemplated getting my last name initial “C”. But the “S” seemed fitting.

Wanna know more about that beautiful “S” bracelet?

QVC – our Today’s Special Value – Debuts Monday June 24th -

With a touch of sparkle and personalization, the classic design can be worn alone or stacked – perfect for moms with a growing family! Create a one-of-a-kind piece with a choice of initials A through Z and stainless steel or 18-karat gold-plated stainless steel.

Since I knew my sister would love the bracelet, I gave her one too. I gave it to her as a surprise when we got home. She commented on mine and had no idea she was about to get one of her own. I gave her one with her last name. Since she has 2 girls, and one has the same initial as her, that was the best option for her.

The day ended without a baby born. Matter of fact the poor girl went another couple of days before Ivy entered the world. I can not wait to get my hands on that precious baby.


You can get your Steel by Design Pavé Heart Initial Rolo Bracelet {QVC Item #J279735} on QVC’s website, at Today’s Special Value Price $34.95* – Monday June 24th.

*The bracelet will be offered at the Today’s Special Value price of $34.95 for one day only on June 24 from midnight – 11:59PM ET, while supplies last – So be sure to grab yours before they run out of your desired initial!!




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This is a sponsored post by me on behalf of This post was near and dear to me since my mother has Rheumatoid Arthritis. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

It was about 20 years ago that my mom was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I remember clearly how she hurt all the time and never really knew why. Today, like pictured above, she has taken control of her condition with infusions of medicine that allow her to go through life without as much pain and discomfort. When we discovered Lifescript, we immediately started browsing the site for as much information as we could. Lifescript provides an online community of knowledgeable professionals all with advice and support for patients diagnosed with this disease.

Lifescript gave insight into new ideas on how to manage pain and cope with the everyday hassles of having Rheumatoid Arthritis. My mom and I went through the site and got some great info about ways to eat that can help ease inflammation and different exercises that are beneficial to her aching body.

  • provides medical information, tips and advice that are all written by professional health writers, experts and physicians.
  • Visit for useful information on Rheumatoid Arthritis and other prevalent medical conditions related to women’s health.

Want to find more posts relating to rheumatoid arthritis? Then be sure you do not miss these articles:

Lifescript’s Rheumatoid Arthritis Health Center features tips, quizzes, recipes and articles – all by professional health writers, experts and physicians – covering common RA symptoms, foods that compose an anti-inflammatory diet, new RA therapies and more. Please visit the Lifescript Health Center on Rheumatoid Arthritis for more information.

And to check out this free website, click here!

This is a sponsored post by me on behalf of All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Coffee Terms


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Happy Tuesday everyone!  Since I am not quite awake, nor ready to take on a Tuesday, I pondered what to chat about today with you all…and since as I am writing this I am drinking another yummy husband made latte, I thought I’d divulge into a spiral of meaningless yet could be meaningful list of different coffee terms and what they mean exactly.  So let’s chat, in coffee terms…

Did I mention, I LOVE LATTE’S.  and coffee, and cappuccinos…yum to them all.

Coffee – Water brewed through coffee grounds.  But you knew that already, I’m guessing.

Okay – something harder…

Caffe Americano - Tastes similar to coffee.  Brewed espresso shots with coffee added.  The story goes that the Europeans came up with the name because Americans didn’t like the taste of espresso, so water was added to dilute the strong flavor.

Caffe Latte - One part espresso, 4 parts steamed milk.

Cappuccino - A third espresso, a third steamed milk, a third frothed milk.

Caffe Macchiato - Espresso with a dollop of steamed milk on top.

All of these can easily be created with a saucepan and hand mixer.  Just be sure not to burn the milk!

So know you know, and as Jeff always quotes, “knowing is half the battle”

Try remembering where that came from.