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Hello lovas, been some time I know.  Not gonna lie – I miss this whole thing too, but such is life, work, play, work, and then wine…is basically the norm these days.

I had a funtastic party this weekend  - a clothing exchange.  It turned out great!  Not as big as the ones I had in Philly – but a good size to kick off the start of many!

In all it was a huge success.  Everyone brought home something!  To top it all off we were able to spread the local biz vibe by getting some cards, coupons, and even some donations to showcase at the party.   Spreading the word and getting their name out there was a huge deal, and everyone loved learning about some local shops and businesses.
Alrighty – thats it for this girl…whew…fun night. But that wine and cleanup…I am tuckered!

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Happy fall y’all!  I am really digging the sweater weather.  We aren’t really quite ready for full on sweaters down here, except the nights.  Nice, crisp, fire pit ready nights.  We LOVE fire pit weather.  Only thing is, we had to give up ours when we left PA last year.  One more reason to look forward to the new house – a fire pit WILL be a must!  In the meantime we were super excited to start actually enjoying being outside without sweltering in the summer heat.  Our family LOVES playing outside – the boys are of the age that they join right in.  Such a fun age they are at!

We were fortunate enough to try out this game which is similar to the board game called Jenga. PUHlease tell me you have heard of it!!!  If you haven’t, I task you to research it…. like now.

K so now that we all know what that is – the  outdoor version is called the Tosso! Giant Tumble Tower.  Basically a giant version.  It was soooo fun.

Super easy, especially since the boys liked restacking.  That was all part of the fun.  They were the perfect height and age to play.  Everyone had their own strategy for choosing a block.  Porter sat on the ground and took his time with a bottom block, Blake liked to choose from the top, Jeff strategized, and I basically just took whatever was loosest!

At one point the boys even started working together to be extra careful not to let the tower fall.  We allowed it – they were so darn cute bouncing ideas off of each other to get extra life in our giant tower.  It grew taller than Blake!

Blake helped me figure out which one to grab – since we all knew at this point the tower was doomed…

It was hilarious when the tower fell – they would scurry away and laugh so hard!  We have play dates with their friends and they always ask to get that game out.  A huge hit.  Especially when you get a group of boys together their creative minds went from playing the game to using the Giant Tumble Tower blocks to build forts by laying them side by side on the ground.  So stink in’ cute!  Hours of fun for them!  So many creative ways to play with the blocks – a great adult game AND loads of fun for the kids!

If you sign up for their newsletter you get 20% off your first order!  How awesome is that!?

And of course you can also like them here:


Disclosure:  Tosso! provided our game for our review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Guys – we went to our first official home creating meeting.  We met with a home designer who asked us all about what we wanted in our home.  Rooms/sizes/layout/features.  Knowing this meeting would take place I searched for many nights to find layouts I liked.  Kinda like preparing to see your hairstylist before getting a major overhaul of your do.  You HAVE to have pictures to properly display what it is you want.  Same deal here.  We walked in prepared.  Had lots of photos ready on our iPad to show our designer.  The whole thing went really smooth and quick.  Now we wait…wait for him to work his magic and create something on paper with what we discussed.  It’s so exciting, and I feel so impatient just waiting to see his results!  I just can’t wait!

With all of this planning to do for our home – I thought it would be best to take it one step at a time.  This week it is all about the kitchen.  Gathering ideas, and researching the best layouts and flow, and well just plain style.  I chose some of my favorite photos from around the web.  We love pieces from each photo.  We would really love to stick with a modern kitchen while keeping that warm, entertaining, comfort.  A unique vibe would be awesome – perhaps a concrete countertop?  Loving the open shelving.  HAS to have some color.  As much as I love a modern kitchen – most seem to be bland in color.  I am on the fence about backsplash – I like the subway tiles, but am not sold it is a long-term solution.  I have read many places to make sure that your kitchen has the triangle in it – meaning that the stove, sink, and oven are all in a triangle for the best usability.

These are 30 stylish modern kitchens that we feel are a great starting point to designing and decorating our own!  I would love to know which are your favorites!








{Source unknown}









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It has been months that we have been trying to find the perfect home for our family.  There are so many iterations of what we wanted. Every time we toured a home we came up with new things that we did and didn’t like.  I felt like we were right smack in the middle of a HGTV House Hunters. Except, a hundred times more houses.  I always loved watching other people choose their homes and guessing which I would pick – but it is SOOOO much harder to choose a home when it is  your own!

Guys – we have some exciting news!! – We finally have our house answer…We are building!!!  And we are so excited {and nervous}  We found a really great builder – green and custom.  Which means there are so many options and so much research to come up with exactly the right layout and exactly the right touches.

I decided to make it more fun for me in choosing what we want and make it more fun to follow – So I am starting a new series.  It is called ‘Our Custom Home’.  Each post will have ideas that we love and will somehow incorporate into our own home.  At the end of it all {we are told it will take about 6 months} I will share our home – with a grand tour!

I would love to hear if you all built a home or redid your current home!  What was your favorite space and why?  I cannot wait to start designing, even though it seems super overwhelming…here we go!!

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{Shirt – Vintage(Father and Sons Antiques), Pants – Victorias Secret, Shades – Armani Exchange, Necklace – Charming Charlie}

Hiya!  Yes I know, been a bit.  I admit.  SO rather than going on and on about WHY (many, many reasons) I’ll just do us all a huge favor and carry on as if nothing ever happened.  k? K.  SO – first things, Lets chat about how things have been progressing in the ol’ homestead.  We happened to score a real estate agent like, THE DAY we needed to look at houses to rent, last year.  AND so happened to find one on where else, but Craigslist.  I mean we literally called a random agent, told her how completely desperate we were on limited time (since we had 1 day to look).  Sis had the kiddos and off we went.  Long story short…found a nice place, really close to my new work in RTP, and in a nice school district.

We have really enjoyed “the South”.  I say this semi loosely, since it seems most folks that live down here are transplants from other states and many other countries.  Lot’s of techy jobs in this area, so lot’s of diversity!  We love it!

There are definitely things you start to miss after moving, especially since we have NO family or close friends nearby.  One is just those connections you make – but we are really excited for the boys to be able to feel settled and more at home down here.  Jeff and I are intently searching for a new place to call home.  We rented with the thought that we wanted to get a feel for this area, and try to scope out that town that we just fit into so perfectly.  The is our opportunity to start from scratch.  Take our time, really hunt for a gem.  And once we find that gem…I know my excitement will be too much to not share with you all :-)

Other randomness:

Frozen is a nightly soundtrack in our house.

I am obsessed with the farmers market and GIGUNDO flea market here in Raleigh.  Decorating ideas FLASH through my brain…when I am not being asked for snacks.  So like 5 good minutes while I am at the market.

We got WAY more snow than I expected this last winter.  No complaints here.

So far, totally jipped on crazy awesome storms.  Maybe 1, glued to the window, radar on, kinda storm.  Jipped.

I am THAT much closer to Disneyworld.  Husband??  Just sayin’.   Oh and not that note, I totally listen to Disney songs at work (on my headphones of course – I am not that bold!)

I am pretty sure there is an understanding and acceptance of a slower pace in life down here.

On that note.  I say goodnight.  Thanks for hanging in there with me.  Fun things are coming.  Stay tuned!


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Let me just get this out of the way….Wahoooooo!!!!

I can explain.

Jeff, aka husband, and I, are shipping the troops, aka cutest most lovably handsome boys, off to our parents for 2 {yes TWO!} whole weeks.


Cause we neeeeed to.  Call it for sanity.  Or quiet. Or just to catch up on lovey dovey us time.  Queue our NEED for fun and cheap date ideas!  Going out every night just won’t cut it! And that can really add up quick!

We do this every summer, and it works for everyone.  We get time alone. The whole  ’heart grows fonder’ could not apply more in this scenario.  The boys get time with their grandparents, both sets since they live only 10 miles apart.  I will most definitely miss the stinkin’ heck out of them, but every family started with a 2, and that 2 needs some time to reconnect!

Sidetracking, Jeff and I are high school sweethearts – we have been together for 8 years.  8 years, on June 25th.  Craziness, for sure.

Picture this:  Kids gone.  Home alone.  No plan.  No don’t get me wrong, the idea of relaxing on the hammock every day is in serious consideration, we want to do things that you can’t easily do without a sitter.  Things just for us. That’s why we came up with this list of fun and cheap date ideas.  

 Fun and Cheap date Ideas 

For dating and Married couples!

  1. Picnic Date
  2. Minigolf Date
  3. Golf course Date – There’s great deals when you only do half a course or less!
  4. Beach Date
  5. Tennis Date
  6. Go Fly a Kite Date
  7. Roller Blading/Skating at an indoor skate park Date
  8. Ice Skating Date
  9. Horseback Riding Date
  10. Bike Ride Date
  11. Local Outdoor music Fest Date
  12. Nature Walk Date
  13. Hike a Mountain Date
  14. Take Out Date – Order take out and picnic in your living room.
  15. Frisbee Golf Date
  16. Walk your local town Date
  17. Zoo Date – Especially if you live near a cheap or free one!
  18. Secret Dinner Date – Go into grocery store with a particular part of dinner delegated to each.  Buy all ingredients, then you each cook it on your own and it’s like a surprise to you both!
  19. Casino Date
  20. Ice Cream Date
  21. Themed Movie Date
  22. Go out to a Matinee Date
  23. Arcade Date
  24. Go Karting Date
  25. Laser Tag Date
  26. Constellation Date – sit and stare at the beautiful night sky
  27. Hammock and Wine Date –{easily goes with 26}
  28. Book Store and Latte Date
  29. Bowling Date
  30. Quick Train/Trolley Ride to Nowhere Date
  31. Flea Market Date
  32. Farmers Market Date
  33. Camping Date
  34. Drive In Movie Date
  35. Wine Tour Date – Lots of times it only cost a couple dollars to taste at each vineyard – Drive carefully!
  36. Massage at Home Date
  37. Local Brewery Tasting Date
  38. Do-Gooder Date – Volunteer together!
  39. Library Date
  40. House Shop Date – We LOVE going to open houses for homes for sale.
  41. Test Drive the Car of your Dreams Date – More for the Mr. – but I can attest it’s exhilarating!
  42. Art Gallery Date – Sometimes you can get free wine!
  43. Fondue Date  - Make fondue, eat, the rest is up to you ;-)
  44. Dessert Date – Eat at home.  Get fancy schmancy dessert out.
  45. Indoor Rock Climbing Date (Tip – find deals on your local Groupon or Living Social!)
  46. Fitness Class Date – Perhaps some Yoga?
  47. Attend A Magic Show Date – {again with the Groupon and Living Social)
  48. Fruit Picking Date – Depends on the time of year as to what kind of fruit!
  49. Sleigh Ride Date
  50. Re-Decorate Date – I know this may not be a great date for some guys – but it can be fun to decide to revamp a room.  Plan to sell your stuff on Craigslist ahead of time and go furniture shopping!
  51. Cooking classes Date
  52. Haunted House Date
  53. Hayride Date
  54. Corn Maze Date
  55. 20 Questions Date – Challenge yourselves to asking each other questions about stuff that happened through out your relationship.  It invites back so many fond memories!
  56. Pottery Class Date
  57. Art and Wine Date – Paint a picture while sipping on wine!
  58. Sports Game Date – Sit in the upper decks and save lots of money!
  59. Museum Date – Some museums are donation only, others can be free!
  60. Planetarium Date
  61. Crazy News Stories Date – Sit outside at a cafe.  People watch. Make up crazy stories as to what the people you find are doing.  The nuttier the better.
  62. Botanical Garden Date
  63. Bizarre Location Photo-Op Date – Plan about 5-10 interesting stops around you.  Go to each location and have someone take your picture.  Make a mini album of your unique photo locations as a keepsake date.
  64. Exchange Your Outfit Date – Visit a local consignment. Shop separately for each other for 1 outfit.  Exchange outfits, and change into them.  Make it fun and choose outfits that are a bit odd. {helps to set a budget!}
  65. River Tubing Date
  66. Progressive Dinner Date – A new take on eating out.  Set a budget.  Pick 2-3 different places to stop.  Order Drinks and apps, entree and dessert all at different places.
  67. Make and Share your Bucket List Date
  68. Treasure Map Date – Can be stay at home or out on the town. Choose 5 or so different places to visits.  Create a “map” on with clues leading to each place.  At each place do an activity or give a little gift.  We did this for our 4 year anniversary – and it turned out super fun and didn’t cost much!
  69. Game Night Date
  70. Video Game Date
  71. Old / Scary Movie Marathon Date – i.e.: Alfred Hitchcock, Twilight Zone…
  72. Sunrise and Breakfast Date
  73. Sunset and Snacks Date
  74. Bonfire Date and Smores
  75. Tour Historical Sites Date
  76. Water Balloon Date
  77. Adult Slip and Slide Date – Suds up a giant tarp with soap and water.  Run and slide on the tarp!
  78. Yard Game Date – Whatever yard game you have – if you don’t have any borrow one from a friend!
  79. Random Acts of Kindness Date – Come up with a list of RAOK and implement them on your date.  See the ones I did for my 30th birthday HERE!
  80. Picture Scavenger Hunt Date – Double Date.  Go to a local park and each couple visits different areas and takes crazy photos.  Switch cameras and the other couples have to imitate the other couples photos!  See who is first to imitate the pictures and find all of the places!
  81. Driving Range Date
  82. Billiards / Darts Date
  83. Fishing Date
  84. Car Wash Date – Wash your cars together in the blistering heat!
  85. Skinny Dipping Date
  86. Backyard Tent Date
  87. Kayak Date
  88. Rooftop Dinner Date – Look around you area for access to apartment rooftops even if yours doesn’t have one!
  89. Symphony Date – This is a hit or miss depending on the area you live in.  some are cheap, some not.
  90. Build an Adult Fort/Watch a Movie
  91. Bake Cookies Dessert
  92. Learn Something New Date – Look in your local area rec. centers for classes to learn something new!
  93. Marshmallow Fight Date – Get a bag of large marshmallows head outside and have fun!
  94. Local Charity Event Date – Look online for events going on in your area that raise money for a charity
  95. Runners Date – Go for a run together!
  96. $5 Gift Date – Go to your local Walmart or Target.  You each get $5 to spend on each other.  Get creative!
  97. Sudsy Date – Take a bath together!  Get some yummy smelling stuff from Lush and open a bottle of wine. Should lead to more…{wink, wink}
  98. Messy Twister Date Night – Put Twister game outside on the grass.  Cover all spots with the paint that corresponds to the color dot. Wear old clothes.
  99. 20 Questions Date – think of and ask each other 20 questions.  Make up crazy, silly questions!
  100. Go Dancing Date
  101. Take Dancing Lessons Date

See my other post about date nights HERE!  

After some digging I found our old poster board filled with fun and cheap date ideas that Jeff and I made when we were poor college students, pre offspring.  Some were specific to the area we lived in at the time. {Shout out to all the Syracuse, NY folks who may find themselves here!)  I can still remember the night we made this list!  Back in my scrapbooking days when I kept everything and we made pages for our scrapbook.  This gave us a good starting point to coming up with more fun ideas to do.  Now we just need to choose which to do!  Do you have anything else to add to this list?  If so we would love to hear your fun, cheap date ideas!


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The Disney countdown calendar is finally done!  This took me some time.  Not because it’s crazy crafty, cause I am telling you it’s not really.  I am the least crafty kinda gal.  I use a glue gun and paint, and that’s what gets me through my creatively crafty moments.  Don’t get me wrong, I love creating lovely things for my home, like this and this.

I present our Disney coutndown calendar:

Instead of the typical castle photo at the top I put an image of Wreck it Ralph – Their new favorite Disney movie.  Notice the font – It’s called Waltograph.  Its a free font, you can find it here.

I was so excited to get already made paint cards from Home Depot – only to find they don’t collaborate with Disney, and therefore – no more Mickey paint cards.  So while I was at Home Depot I decided to pick up paint cards anyways to use.  They have plenty – least ‘ what I talked myself into when I got them.

I hand painted the Mickey’s on.  Some came out better than others – overall the boys LOVE it and haven’t noticed a bit my shotty painting!  I think the are just excited to see what they get to do each day behind each “door”.  Right – so, I used a hot glue gun to put 2 glue dots on the left hand side of each card and glued 30 on to a poster board.  After – I had Porter help my put the number stickers on.  Then came the thinking!

Start at 30 and rip off a paint card for each day – work your way to 1 which would be the day before your trip!

Then – took me the longest to come up with 30 days of ideas.  I found a few online and created most myself based on watching old Disney movies with the boys and talking it over with the husband.

I present to you guys our 30 Day Count Down!!

Here is a breakdown:


1. Celebrate with confetti and a remote control photo of the family tossing it into the air with excitement!  (a prefect shot to add at the end of any vacation photo book!)

2.  Not your typical autograph book.  After looking around I wanted something they would be able to use and cherish (possibly even pass on to their kids someday!)  I got them these books found on Amazon for $8

3. (and 13) Pack!  get them excited by making sure to pack things they think of brining too! (stuffed animal, favorite Disney character to hold, etc)

5. (15 and 17) – Gift ideas include – pre trip Disney store items, Disney PJ’s, Disney clothes to wear on trip.

6.  Write to: WDW Communication, 10040 Lake Buena Vista, Florida 32830-0040.  We havent tried this yet – I saw this on a forum – so anyone who has let us know if this actually works!)

11.  I found a ton at Wegman’s and Target!

16.  I bought a lanyard for $1 at Five Below and plan to make ID cards with them listing our names and cell phone in case they get lost.  Also the lanyard serves as a place for their Disney Pin collection!

22.  Take the Mickey paint card down and play the hot/cold game with them to find the Mickey!

If you love this calendar – Pin it!

Hopefully this was clearer than mud for you all!  If not I love comments and would answer any questions you had for me This was a super fun way to countdown to Disney and make our trip that much more memorable!

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Welcome!  If you are visiting from Pinterest  - thanks for stopping by!  I encourage you to look through some of my other posts on style and beauty – theres tons more tips and style photos to look through!  I know the Pin says 11 – BUT since there the original post with this pin I have gotten so many lovely comments!  I added even more fun ways to style your hair this summer!
Once summer starts in with it’s heat and humidity, all best are off with fancy schmancy hair.  That is of course if it’s not date night and I go straight from the car to the restaurant.  Then the curling iron may make an appearance.  But most often, when it get warm and sticky, I like to keep my hair off my back and neck.
I came up with a few cute summer hairstyles that I regularly use when the sunshine and warm summers start up!  The above Pinned picture has 11  - since then I have added a few to up the total to 15.  A mama can’t have too many styles to turn to, especially ones that don’t take very long to do!
Oh and here’s the kicker…I am also over at my lovely bloggy friend Carrie’s blog, Making Lemonade, today as well with even more ways to style your hair….Here you’ll find both the ones I wrote for her guest post and some more I threw in last minute to come up with 15 total Cute summer Hairstyles!
Cute Summer Hairstyles
The Simple Half up/Half Down

Cute Summer Hairstyles

This requires a hair tie.  But only as a guest appearance.  Pull hair into a half up pony using a hair tie.  Pull the pony loose a bit and separate hair, making a hole, at the crown above the hair tie into 2 sections.  Put pony through the hole. Secure pony under the hair tie with colored bobby pins, criss crossing from both sides.  Pull hair tie out.  Creates an “effortless” looking interesting half up hairstyle!
Side Fishtail Bun

Cute Summer Hairstyles

Braid hair into side fishtail braid.  Take braid and wrap into bun.  Secure using pins. Add a little extra prettiness with the Golden Leaf Pin from Bijoux by Allison.
Front Fishtail Braid

Cute Summer Hairstyles

Braid hair into fishtail braid  starting from side crown and working back inserting new pieces as you go until you get close to your opposite side ear.  Secure with pins.
Fun with Bobby Pins
Cute Summer Hairstyles
Part hair where you normally would.  Secure hair with multiple (3-5) pins.  This showcases the cool pin art you may have created and pulls those pesky over grown bang off your face.  Great style for quick, after beach, salty water hair!
Criss Cross Half up/Half down
Cute Summer Hairstyles
Take air only from front section (not close to ears) and pull back teasing a bit at the top,  then secure with pins, with pins inserted horizontally.  Take one section from one side of head near ears, pull across the already inserted horizontal pins, and insert bobby pin cross wise covering the original pins.  Take a section from the opposite side and repeat.
Criss Cross Half Up/Half Down with Low Bun 

Cute Summer Hairstyles

Same as above but twist remainder of hair then wrap all of it into a low bun.  Secure with many bobby’s  until confident.  (usually takes me about 5-10).
Simple Side Pull Back

Cute Summer Hairstyles

Pull hair from deep part to opposite side and secure with fun bobby’s.  (I used Bijoux by Allison – Golden Leaf)
Side Twisted Pull back

Cute Summer Hairstyles

Twist a section of hair from a deep part back incorporating new tiny sections along the way until you are above the opposite ear.
You can also see my guest post for cute summer hairstyles using only bobby pins on Making Lemonade Blog >>> HERE
The Hat Day
Yes, this totally counts, and in my book, is one of my go to’s on rainy days!  So easy and can even suffice when you are in a hurry (as most mommies are) and can’t dry your hair all the way!  Course this may only work for you on non-work days!
The Side Fishtail  Braid
Pull hair to one side and fishtail braid.  Secure with an elastic at the end.  Pull hair on each side of braid to create a purposefully messy look!  Perfect for those humid days when your hair gets out of control anyways!

Cute Summer Hairstyles

The Side Rope Braid
Separate your hair into 2 sections and twist each in  the same direction.  Take both sections and twist them together in the opposite direction as you twisted each of the sections.
Cute Summer hairlstyles
The Half up Hair Bow
Pull hair into a half up pony, but do not pull hair all the way through, leaving a “tail”.  Separate the top, (non tail) into 2 sections, and pin them with bobby pins at the back part, concealing the pins.  Take the tail and fold over the middle, pin in place.  Viola, a bow without being to Minnie Mousey!
Cute Summer Hairstyles
The Messy bun with side Braid
Part hair on a deep part.  braid normally, with out adding pieces, over to the opposite side of hair.  Secure with pin. Take remainder of hair into a low, messy bun.  Pull bun until pieces start to fall out a bit.  Secure some of the loose pieces until satisfied with messy bun.
Here is your chance to win a set of Golden Leaf bobby pins from Bijoux by Allison’s Etsy Shop!
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*This post was sponsored by Yes to.  All opinions are my own.

Hiya guys.  Long time, huh!?  I know, I know.  Moving is not as fun as everyone says it is.  Oh wait, no one says that.

In between our unpacking and setting up the new abode – I wanted to share how much I LOVE the soaking tub in my new casa.  For myself and for my boys.  I tell ya, the first thing they ran to when they met the new house was the tub.  That was numero uno on their list of wants was a biiiiig gigundo tub.  Our place in PA was not the largest nor the newest and did NOT have a tub to wash away stress after a long day.

So how appropriate is it that Yes to – one of my absolute favorite all natural brands wanted me to help spread the word that they started making bath wash in addition to all of the other cool products they make!   Of course I agreed to that!  I love their other products and I sooo wanted to try the body wash. Check out their website for all the other great products they make.


AND get this – Yes to is offering Latte and Legos readers an exclusive discount code when ordering from their website.

Everyone should be able to enjoy a steamy shower, and Yes to wants you to know they have created a special coupon just for you!

Visit the Yes to Body Wash page and pick two body washes you want to use in order to steam up your shower routine or bath your little ones with.

Then enter the code Y2LINQ for your savings of buy one, get one 50% off.

This code is exclusive and only available through my partnership with Yes to.



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This post was sponsored by Linqia and all OXO products pictured were provided to me to review at no cost to me.  As always all thoughts and opinions are completely my own.

Let’s chat about OXO for a sec.  In part because they were super kind to let me (and my sister) try some of their newest line of products called OXO Tot, but also because as you all know by now, I LOVE OXO.  I seriously have all of their kitchen utensils and just recently acquired by way of good ol’ Saint Nick,  the newest stay fresh longer OXO Pop Containers. {see my mini squeal about them HERE}

So you see, already a fan.  So when I heard they were soon to come out with the launch of OXO Tot I had to see for myself all the kiddo goodness they were creating for us mammas.  AND of course share the news with you all!

I tested out a few products that met my needs with my kiddos, including the OXO Tot Flippy Snack Cup and formula container.  Yea, I know, I don’t have babies, BUT I used the OXO formula container as extra storage for Cheerios and animal crackers!  One can never have too many snacks for the kids when running errands.  It’s the ideal on-the-go traveling companion to have for a fussy toddler, or, in some cases, big kid!

OXO tot Flippy

Here is some information from OXO about the OXO Tot Flippy™.

The OXO Tot Flippy™ Snack Cup with Travel Cover is great for munching at home or on the go. The soft, flexible opening gives little hands easy access to goodies, while the flaps keep even small snacks off the floor. The twist-on lid stays secure when the Cup is dropped (or thrown!), and the shape of the non-slip handle is just right for tots. The Cup comes with a snap-on cover to keep snacks fresh and secure.

- Soft, comfortable flaps provide easy access to snacks
- Flaps keep snacks in the Cup and off the floor
- Twist-on lid won’t pop off, even when Cup is dropped
- Travel cover snaps on to keep snacks contained while on the go
- Non-slip handle conveniently hooks onto strollers and is easy for little hands to hold
- Capacity is 8-ounces


My sister just had a baby so I gave her some of the newest baby items to test out including the OXO Baby Blocks™.  She and I are both very into health and wellness. So we naturally love the idea of making great creations in batches and freezing them.  I did that with my boys and she is doing the same.  The OXO Baby Blocks™ are perfect for the task of freezing batches of baby food.

Here is information from OXO on the OXO Baby Blocks™.

Easily portion, store, freeze, heat, and serve the meals you’ve cooked especially for your baby using Containers in convenient two-ounce sizes. Each container fits into the freezing tray, and has measurement markings to make portioning a snap. On the go? The containers are airtight, watertight and leakproof.

- Six 2-ounce Containers in tray
- Portion, store, freeze, heat and serve baby food with ease
- Ideal for storing large batches of pureed foods, and serving baby on the go
- Airtight, watertight, leakproof seal prevents messes
- Measurement markings indicate portion sizes
- Convenient storage tray rests flat on a freezer shelf or in a freezer drawer and can be stacked to save space
- BPA, phthalate and PVC free
- Microwave and freezer safe

We gave the roll up a bib and travel spoon a test drive as well with my sister’s oldest.

The great part about it is that you can just roll the bib up with the spoon in it when your through and throw it in your diaper bag!

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