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The Disney countdown calendar is finally done!  This took me some time.  Not because it’s crazy crafty, cause I am telling you it’s not really.  I am the least crafty kinda gal.  I use a glue gun and paint, and that’s what gets me through my creatively crafty moments.  Don’t get me wrong, I love creating lovely things for my home, like this and this.

I present our Disney coutndown calendar:

Instead of the typical castle photo at the top I put an image of Wreck it Ralph – Their new favorite Disney movie.  Notice the font – It’s called Waltograph.  Its a free font, you can find it here.

I was so excited to get already made paint cards from Home Depot – only to find they don’t collaborate with Disney, and therefore – no more Mickey paint cards.  So while I was at Home Depot I decided to pick up paint cards anyways to use.  They have plenty – least ‘ what I talked myself into when I got them.

I hand painted the Mickey’s on.  Some came out better than others – overall the boys LOVE it and haven’t noticed a bit my shotty painting!  I think the are just excited to see what they get to do each day behind each “door”.  Right – so, I used a hot glue gun to put 2 glue dots on the left hand side of each card and glued 30 on to a poster board.  After – I had Porter help my put the number stickers on.  Then came the thinking!

Start at 30 and rip off a paint card for each day – work your way to 1 which would be the day before your trip!

Then – took me the longest to come up with 30 days of ideas.  I found a few online and created most myself based on watching old Disney movies with the boys and talking it over with the husband.

I present to you guys our 30 Day Count Down!!

Here is a breakdown:


1. Celebrate with confetti and a remote control photo of the family tossing it into the air with excitement!  (a prefect shot to add at the end of any vacation photo book!)

2.  Not your typical autograph book.  After looking around I wanted something they would be able to use and cherish (possibly even pass on to their kids someday!)  I got them these books found on Amazon for $8

3. (and 13) Pack!  get them excited by making sure to pack things they think of brining too! (stuffed animal, favorite Disney character to hold, etc)

5. (15 and 17) – Gift ideas include – pre trip Disney store items, Disney PJ’s, Disney clothes to wear on trip.

6.  Write to: WDW Communication, 10040 Lake Buena Vista, Florida 32830-0040.  We havent tried this yet – I saw this on a forum – so anyone who has let us know if this actually works!)

11.  I found a ton at Wegman’s and Target!

16.  I bought a lanyard for $1 at Five Below and plan to make ID cards with them listing our names and cell phone in case they get lost.  Also the lanyard serves as a place for their Disney Pin collection!

22.  Take the Mickey paint card down and play the hot/cold game with them to find the Mickey!

If you love this calendar – Pin it!

Hopefully this was clearer than mud for you all!  If not I love comments and would answer any questions you had for me This was a super fun way to countdown to Disney and make our trip that much more memorable!

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